Fast freezing solutions for the vast majority of food products (vegetables, sea, meat, bread - making, etc.)

With a unique design, IQF Tameinsa Spiral Freezing Tunnels stand out for their robustness and efficiency. In its construction, we take care down to the smallest details by using the best quality materials and equipment, suitable for food contact. The final result is guaranteed by the CE marking, in accordance with the European Directives 2006/42/EC on machinery and 2004/68/EC on pressure equipments.

A specific study is carried out for each IQF Spiral Freezing Tunnel according to the customers` needs, obtaining a product which fits those specific requirements. With three general models according to diameter, the IQF Tameinsa Spiral Freezing Tunnels can vary in different characteristics such as height or width of the belt for input and output of product.

Vista general de los túneles

Its unique airflow system places the Tameinsa Tunnels in the vanguard within the the cooling tunnel market in terms of both energy efficiency and low maintenance.

The main structure is composed of stainless steel profiles, which support the weight of all the elements that make up the tunnel.

The drum is the element responsible for transmitting movement to the belt. It is made of stainless steel profiles with a special high-density polyethylene covering in order to prevent metal-on-metal contact. Its movement is guided by auxiliary stainless steel elements, and its weight is held by supports built in the same material located in the lower part.

Inside the drum, we find the evaporator, with a cylindrical geometry and built in seamless calibrated tube (quality ST35 according to DIN 2391). At the end of the manufacturing process, it is subjected to a hot-dip galvanizing process (zinc bath).

The conveyor belt has an automatic washing and drying system, consisting of a feed and pressurized water system and a drying fan, allowing a quick and efficient cleaning.


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